Ronald Cheng and ex-wife hid for years

HONG KONG - Actor Ronald Cheng said he and singer Charlene Choi did not go out for years, back when they were secretly married.

Their union in 2006 had been so hush-hush, they confirmed it only when they announced their divorce in 2010.

On Apple Daily's online chat show, Talk 24, Cheng revealed how they had played hide-and-seek with the media, the newspaper said yesterday.

He said they had registered their marriage in the "Mexico area" to avoid detection. Back in Hong Kong, they lived together but the events they attended together were "mostly family gatherings", he said. Close friends who knew of their marriage "didn't talk", he added.

"We didn't go out for a few years. If we did, it was to go overseas," he said.

Even then, they took care to fly out of Hong Kong a few days apart. Then there were times he hid from paparazzi in the car boot, he added.

Cheng, 41, is now married with a daughter to former television Sammie Yu, 33. He said he and Choi, 30, had made a mutual decision to keep their marriage secret. He is also older than her and he did not want to affect her career.

Thinking back, he said the situation was idiotic yet romantic. It was "a game", he added, to have new ideas every day of how to beat the paparazzi.

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