Rui En has new addition to the family after visiting SPCA: A kitten

Local actress Rui En is not only beautiful and talented, but also has a heart of gold.

The 34-year-old artiste recently adopted a kitten from SPCA Singapore and gave the little feline a new lease of life.

Photos posted by SPCA Singapore on Facebook show the duo along with the caption: "Good on MediaCorp artiste, actress RUI EN, for adopting BINGO the kitty (who was rescued from a glue trap), very recently! ‪#‎RuiEn‬ ‪#‎adoption ‬‪#‎pets‬ ‪#‎adoptapet‬ ‪#‎MediaCorp‬"

Just when you think Rui En can't get anymore perfect, she manages to capture even more hearts.

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Another local personality who was also in the spotlight for her compassion toward animals is socialite Kim Lim.

The daughter of local billionaire businessman Peter Lim was spurred by a visit to animal shelter Animal Lovers League (ALL) to do more for the abandoned pets.

She joined Pet Lovers Foundation and local actor-host Ben Yeo to produce and launch a limited-edition Common Cause 2016 calendar, which also features other celebrities such as Ian Fang and Arissa Cheo.