Russian human barbie doll confesses that photos of abs were digitally altered

SINGAPORE - Russian human Barbie, Valeria Lukyanova, has admitted that photographs of her abdominals were digitally edited using Photoshop.

In 2007, Lukyanova won the Miss Diamond Crown Of The World beauty contest, which led to a series of photo shoots with Russian media, according to entertainment news site Hollywood Life.

Last year, Lukyanova revealed that she has become a 'breatharian' according to the Daily Mail.

Apparently, she believes that eating light and air alone is the key to maintaining a trim waist line. Breatharianism is said to be a cult that believes food and water are not necessary in a person's diet.

Most recently, a series of spring-themed pictures of the 30-year-old flaunting her toned body had emerged and she said that her photographs had to be edited because she "had to".

In the new photographs, Lukyanova shows off her six-pack in tiny jean shorts and a small bra top which drew negative comments from the public as she appeared unnatural.

"My best friend (took the pictures). The pictures are photoshopped to achieve smoothness and colour correction," Lukyanova told Cosmopolitan.

According to Hollywood Life, the Russian model revealed in an interview that her new pictures were altered for a few reasons.

"The pictures were taken in the botanical garden on the phone. They were not high quality. I had to edit them in order to correct the defects of the phone picture," she added.

Lukyanova also addressed the backlash from "jealous" fans during the interview.

She said: "There may have been some negative comments. Beautiful people are often envied. That's why negativity does not surprise me. Instead, it touches me."

In February this year, entertainment news site Asian Town uncovered photos of Lukyanova's entire family, including her grandparents, parents and siblings.

The photographs showed that they share the same doll-like appearance.

Lukyanova's mother only looks slightly older than her with some facial wrinkles.

Local entertainment news site Lollipop reported that Mrs Lukyanova follows a strict diet of healthy eating to preserve her natural looks, although some people are doubtful about it.

"People who are satisfied with themselves don't comment on who they don't like. They will pass by. To have an ideal body is important to every self-respecting girl," Lukyanova said.