S Korean actress Song Hye-kyo on her impression of 'Descendants' co-star Song Joong-Ki

Global star actress Song Hye-kyo held a press interview session at the Four Seasons Hotel in Seoul on Wednesday. The K-pop Herald posed questions from global readers to the 34-year-old Song. Below is the third instalment of the Song Hye-kyo interview series.

On her impression of partner Song Joong-ki:

"As you can see, Song is well-mannered, a kind gentleman and knows how to respect others. The best part I liked about him was, he stays unchanged, although many challenging scenes such as earthquake scenes and grueling filming schedules exhausted him. Moreover, the filming took longer than expected. A person can grumble and whine when he or she feels annoyed. But he never did. He even took care of junior staff. I thought, there is a lot for me to learn from him and he is such a rare guy. He is such a celebrity, and he tries his best in everything."

"He also did a perfect job in a main character role. My first impression of the script was that the success of the drama depends on the Yoo Shi-jin character. He did such an amazing job. I was at times infatuated by his acting while filming."

On the secret behind the chemistry between Song Joong-ki and Song Hye-kyo:

"Every time I act opposite a male lead, I am told I have shown great chemistry with him. But it's not me who's making the chemistry -- my partners did a great job in that area. Last but not least, cinematographers pictured us in an incredible way."

Thoughts on dating a guy like Yoo in real life: 

"I think I would feel scared to have a boyfriend like Yoo. Love overcomes everything, so he would need to trust me more with the power of love. If I were Kang Mo-yeon, I would be prudent, like her, in starting a relationship with Yoo. In the earlier episodes, some viewers asked me why Kang kept on rejecting Yoo, but as the situations surrounding Yoo grew more and more extreme, people began to understand the emotions experienced by Kang."

On dating rumours:

"I have dined with Song frequently, and New York City was one of the places where we have had dinner together. The fact that we met in New York, I suppose, drew fans' attention. You might not see, but I have many friends in New York. Moreover, I was joining New York Fashion Week then. Song was headed to New York as well. Song and I had worked together for six months, so I just cannot just refuse to have dinner together."

"As for the bracelet, which sparked the rumours -- I had my black hair tie on my wrist, which somehow turned into a couple bracelet overnight. And the aftermath, you all know."