Scents and sensibility

Scents and sensibility

This festive season, why not give that special someon a gift that lingers

Our sense of smell is highly emotive as it is the sense most closely linked to our memory.The perfume industry is built around this connection, concocting scents that seek to promtp an array of emotions and trigger a recollection of that special experience.

So, why not give that someone special a gift that lingers.



Marc Jacobs Daisy with the gold flowers is a longer lasting edition.

Mixes of violet leaves and strawberry, with a heart note bouquet of violet, gardenia and jasmine, ends beautifully with musk and vanilla.

This is one of the very few fragrances that works well for women of all ages.


The Gold Goddess Goldea is a divine composition of floral and musk. A warm and sweet perfume that celebrates femininity, it produces notes of amber and raspberry.

Everything blends beautifully with no sharp edges. This scent is even more delightful as it sits longer on your skin, staying sweet and elegant.


This is the more interesting option of the Palladiano series. The No. IV comes with a rather unusual floral note as sweet as a jam.

Hidden between the sweetness of jasmine and rose, it warms your sense like a burst of sunlight in winter snow.


A blend of rose with leather, this new fragrance in a bracket-shaped bottle is faithful to the spirit of Hermes.

Galop d`Hermes by Hermes is a must for a woman embracing orientalism.



Valentino Uomo Intense, as the name implies, is charismatic and has a hint of Italian masculinity.

The composition is leathery and deep. This version brings the intense scent of black leather, while its top notes contain sage oil and fresh mandarin.

The heart notes is the elegance of iris and tonka bean settled on a base of black leather and vanilla.


Mr Burberry is described as woody yet herbal.

Greatly inspired by the tradition of British perfumery, it has opening notes of zesty accords of grapefruit, cardamom and tarragon.

The heart notes include birch leaf, nutmeg oil and cedar, followed by a base of sandalwood, vetiver and guaiac wood.


Bvlgari Man Black Cologne, "the scent of burning water", plays skilfully on contrasts and provides an unusual blend of intense freshness and oriental sensuality.

The fragrance is pure masculine, sophisticated and fresh, mixing rum with the freshness of luminous citruses.

This version of the fragrance accentuates luminosity of orange blossom and sweetness of tuberose.


L'Homme Prada is a modern scent that combines the classic Prada ingredients - amber and iris.

There is no obvious definition of relationship between the man and woman - they could be lovers, friends or even strangers. This is for that man in your life.

This article was first published on December 09, 2016.
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