Selena Li's rich boyfriend gives her a car: 'Couples can share everything'

PHOTO: Lollipop

Three days ago, Hong Kong actress Selena Li attended good friend and fellow actress Myolie Wu's opening ceremony for her new bridal shop.

Speaking of her boyfriend giving her a car for travel purposes, Selena said: "He really loves me, he treats me very well. I just sold my car, so I'm temporarily borrowing his car ...... boyfriend and girlfriend can share everything."

Asked what else can be shared with her boyfriend, she smilingly said: "Food, not the house though, because if we fight and need to separate, having my own space is really important."

Selena continued to express that she and her boyfriend are financially independent, reports Asian E-News Portal.

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She said: "This way, we would respect each other more, it would be better without depending on one another."

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