Serina: Wheeeee, what style!

SINGAPORE - There's a new Cecilia Sue in town.

The difference: Serina Wee, who has turned the open-air area outside the Subordinate Courts into her own personal runway, looks and dresses way better than the star witness in the Ng Boon Gay trial.

Women like myself are too busy scrutinising Serina's OOTD (outfit of the day), admiring her non-threatening beauty, slim figure and effortless style, and rueing the day the trial - and her fashion parade - will end.

We're talking about a mum of three who gave birth to her third child a mere year ago. She's walking proof that some women are simply more equal than others.

If you haven't already noticed, I'm nursing a serious girl crush on Serina, but even the best of us can't get it right all the time.

The judge may not have passed his verdict on the trial, but here's mine on her OOTDs from best to worst...

1) My favourite Serina look hands down has to be this chic yet elegant, sexy yet sophisticated blue short-sleeved V-neck frock featuring a subtle peplum.

Bonus points for the matching fingernail polish and eyeshadow, as well as her trusty tan leather tote that goes with practically everything. Yes, the little things matter.

2) Coming in a close second is this simple, classy black shirt dress cinched at the waist with a thick black patent belt, paired with black peep-toe pumps. Hair and make-up - love the wing tip eyes - are flawless as usual.

3) This is a rare picture of Serina smiling broadly, but I think she looks more alluring when she's po-faced. Her plain black dress with ruffles running down the centre isn't worth screaming about, but she wisely spiced things up with a fitted grey baroque-print jacket.

4) She's obviously a fan of ruffles, which also found their way onto her overly-girlish grey pencil skirt. I'm not a fan of the black-on-black layering on top, and that quilted handbag is beyond tacky.

5) This awkwardly and amateurishly draped sleeveless outfit has done the unthinkable - it managed to make Serina look... normal.

Maybe she got dressed in a hurry, because in no universe should an emerald green dress, brown bag and black Mary Janes ever be allowed to co-exist.

And darling, don't ever pull your hair back again, unless you want to instantly age five years.

Jeanmarie Tan is The New Paper's Show editor. She writes celebrity fashion columns in LOUD and FiRST.

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