SHE's Selina blamed her father for horrific accident in 2010

Taiwanese girl band SHE's lead singer Selina Jen has opened up about her life after the accident where she suffered burns all over her body, reported Chinese media online.

On a pre-recorded CCTV's "Speak It" programme which was released on Jul 16, Selina recounted her experience as a burn victim and even injected jokes during her speech to keep the atmosphere lighthearted.

The 32-year-old singer said that after the accident, she asked one of her helpers to take a photo of her and was shocked to see that she looked like rock star Rihanna.

She suffered major burns on more than 50 per cent of her body during an explosion accident on the set of "I have A Date With Spring" in 2010.

Calling herself unfilial, she recounted putting the blame on her father and made him responsible for her burns.

She blamed for father for letting her go for the shoot, said a report on

Later she realised that her dad has always been a pillar of support all her life and felt regretful of her negative thoughts.

Calling her scars an "exclusive tattoo", she said the experience made her stronger as a person.

The star also said how in the past four years her confidence on her self-image had stopped her from coming back to the music business as it is an industry that values beauty.

But that changed when a group photoshoot with a photographer whom she is familiar with gave her the confidence to return.

She was very touched when the photographer said, "Selina has come back again" and it reminded her of who she was before the incident.

The busy star is keeping a packed schedule this month. On the 9th, she was in Beijing for a speech on the secret to living life with courage.

The next day, she went to record the episode for "Speak It" programme.

At the recording, over 100 of her fans came to support Selina, almost forming a human wall to protect her.

Their support overwhelmed her so much that she started to tear up after appearing on stage.

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