Show Luo's girlfriend gets slammed again - even after admitting she did plastic surgery

Taiwanese singer Show Luo's girlfriend, fashion blogger Grace Chow (Zhou Yangqing), got slammed online after older photos of her suggest that she has had plastic surgery.

The most noticeable feature are her eyes which look much larger based on recent photos and with deep double eyelids. Her eyes also earned her the nickname "Little Angelababy" by Chinese media sites, citing her resemblance to the recently-married Chinese model.

But after she came clean and admitted to having undergone plastic surgery, the blogger got even more negative remarks.

Infuriated, she left a message to detractors on her micro-blog on Sina Weibo , saying: "Didn't I already admit (to plastic surgery) before? The mocking tone just makes me feel so uncomfortable. The face is mine, I can still change it back!"

According to Asian Pop News, many of Luo's fans disapprove of her and some even dug up old photos of her, calling her current look "plastic-looking".

The pair announced that they were dating on Luo's Sina Weibo last June.

Chow has a shop selling beauty products on Chinese e-commerce site, Taobao.