This 'silicone breast implant' could be a game changer for beauty junkies

Alarmed at the rate you're running through your costly cosmetics? Don't throw in the sponge just yet! Waste not and want not with this revolutionary new sponge, which may be the money-saver you need for fabulously flawless coverage on a budget

Here's the thing. Your beloved Beautyblender - or any other makeup sponge, for that matter - may be spectacular at concealing and contouring, but the porous pockmarks on its surface sop up foundation like well, a sponge, making it wasteful in the long run.

Enter the SiliSponge from Hong Kong-based startup Molly Cosmetics, an incredibly intriguing silicone sponge swathed in a shell of stretchy plastic that's said to be resistant to grease and grime - and yes, it looks strikingly similar to a breast implant or bra insert. (Some sites suggest that the latter would make for an excellent dupe, but we're not entirely convinced.)

Its advantages over a standard sponge? Well, the smooth surface means you're not squandering product, and also makes it a cinch to clean: Simply spritz on a sanitiser, wipe off and you're good to go - no drying time involved.

Application-wise, opt for soft sweeping strokes if you want to nail an ultra-natural second-skin look. For a fuller finish that doesn't look fake, go back in and focus on areas of concern, such as around the nose and mouth. This targeted second coat is essentially doubling up as a concealer of sorts, quick'n'dirty style!

And you're done! Easy enough, right? These babies go for about $$14 a pop on, but fastest fingers first - each batch seems to sell out in seconds. Good luck keeping your game-face on!

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