Singapore blogger apologises for scathing commentary on friend's wedding

Local blogger Juli.

SINGAPORE - The Singaporean beauty blogger who wrote a scathing commentary on a wedding she recently attended has apologised for the "distress" she has caused to the bridal couple and their families.

In her earlier post, Juli "Bun Bun" Phang gave a blow-by-blow account of the wedding of her husband's good friend, and made harsh remarks about everything from the bride's gown to the incident where the groom was accidentally locked out of the room.

One of the comments also included how people were looking at her instead of the bride: "Oh by the way, we are in the bridal car. Ya the one with the green grass at the front of the car. You know when people see a bridal car, they will naturally want to look at the bride. I told Mr Mode [Phang's husband] people kept looking at me."

The post was picked up local and international media such as The Guardian and DailyMail, which published the screengrabs in her scathing post which Phang has since taken down.

In her apology released on her Dayre social media account on Thursday (Oct 1), Phang wrote that she realised she had cause "great distress" to both the couple and their families and is "really sorry for the pain and inconvenience" that she has caused.

Calling herself naive, Phang said that she underestimated the impact of her words on the couple.

"When I wrote it, I really didn’t expect the couple to read it. When I realized the potential repercussions my post might bring to the couple, I took it down. However in the 12-hour delay, it had spiraled out of control. Oh my tian!

"I definitely never wished for any of this to happen, but I knew then I had to take responsibility and reached out to the couple and their families to apologize," she wrote.

She explained that her Dayre platform is like her diary detailing her personal life, and is open to her readers whom she considers "close friends".

The beauty blogger shared that this incident has also strained her husband's relationship with the groom, who is a close friend.

She wrote: "This has also greatly affected my husband, who has a lot more explaining to do as he is a close friend of the groom. I am thankful that in spite of all that has happened, my husband has chosen to stand by me, and not divorce me."

Phang added that the DailyMail article had "a skewed opinion of my original post" and that the author wrote it to form a negative impression.

She noted how the article had cut out parts of her posts, re-shuffled them and sensationalised the incident with their headlines.

Her post has also attracted many negative comments on her other social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

She said the comments there are "far more malicious" than the ones on her Dayre account. But just like the netizens, she was also "unaware of the true impact of our words on others".

Ending the post by thanking her friends and followers, she also promised to be more careful with what she posts in the future and that her priority now is to mend the relationships that have been affected by the saga.