Singaporean women more picky than men when it comes to love: Survey

SINGAPORE - It seems Singapore women are the pickier lot when it comes to dating, according to a survey by mobile dating application, Paktor.

The survey found that many female users are still not as willing to date men who are shorter than them (only 22.6 per cent were agreeable), and more than half would want to date someone who earns more than they do.

Bald or balding men are also a major turn-off for 2 in 3 women polled.

Almost three-quarters of male users, however, were open to dating older, as well as taller women. And most men (92.5 per cent) were fine with dating a woman who earns more than them.

But one thing both genders can agree on is that bad breath and body odour are the biggest turn-offs. For men, the other top turn-offs are materialism (65.5 per cent), high expectations of a partner (44 per cent), and wearing too much makeup (41.7 per cent).

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Another finding from the survey is that Singaporeans are not as conservative as is often thought when it comes to dating.

A large majority of male and female Singaporean users were open to the concept of interracial and cross-cultural dating. Slightly more than half of the users surveyed were also open to dating a divorcee, but they are less inclined to date someone who already has kids.

And contrary to what most women might think, men actually do make the effort when it comes to first dates. 9 in 10 men responded that they will research their date's interests and the venue for the date beforehand. They would also proactively offer to send their date home.

Over 2,800 Singapore users participated in the Paktor Singapore Dating Survey, which took place from July to August this year. 51 per cent were women and 49 per cent were men.