Singaporeans prefer presents money can't buy: Survey

SINGAPORE - As Christmas approaches, many of us may be wondering about what gift to get our loved ones. To help, Rakuten Asia conducted a survey on consumers' shopping habits to help you pick out that perfect present.

However, what the survey found may change the usual buying habits this season, as it was revealed that Singaporeans would prefer to spend some quality time with their loved ones, or go on vacation with them, rather than having the latest gadgets or jewellery.

Moreover, the survey found that 78 per cent of Singaporeans are willing to donate gifts to the underprivileged this season.

Perhaps this could signal a change this season - instead of spending money to give your loved ones expensive gifts, spend time with them for quality experiences that money can't buy.

Conducted on 2,500 shoppers across Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and Taiwan, the survey also found that the majority of Singaporeans - 54 per cent - preferred shopping online.

On average, Singaporeans spent $50.90 on their gifts, the highest amount in the region.