Social media superstar Cassey Ho shares her secret to staying grounded

Social media superstar Cassey Ho shares her secret to staying grounded

Social media superstar Cassey Ho shares her secrets to staying grounded in the digital age.

It started as a one-woman show in 2009.

Then, Cassey Ho (@blogilates) was just a passionate certified pilates instructor who shot and edited videos of her routines for her students to follow on Youtube.

Now, the Blogilates team has grown to become 12-people strong and Cassey reaches an audience of over 6.5 million subscribers and followers across various social media channels. Her Pop Pilates workouts alone are taught in over 3,000 classes worldwide each month.

Los Angeles-based Cassey was in Singapore recently as part of the inaugural Fitnessfest 2017.

Despite the sweltering heat, the crowd turned up in full force to get a fi rst-hand taste of her workouts.

With a following as impressive as hers, you'd think it'd be easy for her to get swept up in the fame and popularity of social media.


But when we met for our cover shoot later in the day, there were absolutely no airs about her.

Cassey is genuinely one of the most down-to-earth personalities we've met.

Here's how she keeps things real.


While Cassey loves how Instagram or Youtube can be a way to spark conversations with people from all over the world, she also hates how it can just as easily be an avenue to breed mindless narcissism.

For her, photos and videos are a way to tell a story that others can learn or grow from.

The drive to lead by example and inspire her followers is also the reason you won't catch her feed filling up with gratuitous selfies.

"I don't just do selfies," she says.

"Every time I post any content, I'm always mindful that it should be something that helps somebody. Social media is simply a platform for me to share my workouts, my recipes and my thoughts. My content has never been vanity-driven, and I don't let the platform control me."


Throughout the preparation and shoot, Cassey didn't stay glued to her phone even though the digital domain is her playground.

Content creation is so much a part of her life, but she still strikes a balance between reel life and real life.

"I try to live in the moment," she says.

We've all been there and done that: When a delicious plate of food is in front of you, do you need to Snapchat or Instagram it first or do you just tuck right in and enjoy?

"It gets a bit ridiculous," says Cassey, who admits she isn't as active in documenting every moment of her life the way other influencers might.

"I don't like to broadcast my life like a full-on reality TV show. If I did that, I would feel like I was performing the whole time. I choose to keep parts of my life private to remain authentic to those I care about most."

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