Social X: Getting dirty with dating apps

Social X: Getting dirty with dating apps

Guy meets girl. Guy asks girl out. Guy and girl hit it off, and go on to have a deep and meaningful relationship.

We wish.

In the real world where expectations, values, looks and more come into play, dating can be a complicated and tiresome affair.

Thanks to the rising popularity of dating ​apps​​ on smartphones the likes of Tinder, Paktor, and Love Out Loud Asia (LOLA), it's easier to discover and connect with potential partners.

In this episode of social experiment video series ​Social X, ​undercover RazorTV journalists posted their own photo profiles in dating apps to find out about prevalent dating habits, social behaviour and pick-up techniques.

After two weeks of chatting up men and women - and getting chatted up in return - these journalists read out in pairs to each other on camera some of the most outrageous conversations they have had.

From brazen soliciting for sex to inappropriate nude photos and downright rude comments, the chats were eyebrow-raising, to say the least.

Don't watch the video before breakfast.​​

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