Soon, we'll be checking in hotel Karl Lagerfeld

Fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld announced on October 17, 2016 he planned to launch his own branded hotel chain.

Karl Lagerfeld, fashion designer and creative director of luxury brands Chanel and Fendi, is officially lending his taste into the hotel industry with Karl Lagerfeld Hospitality.

The venture is made with Brandmark Collective, a hospitality licensing platform based in Amsterdam. Under them, Karl is looking to create hotels, residential properties, restaurants, and private clubs worldwide under his signature aesthetic.

It is also made under the vision to expand the designer's name as an entire lifestyle experience. Not much has been revealed except for how Brandmark is scouting for different locations to set their projects. There is already a website up and running so perhaps reservations and bookings are going to be available sooner than we think.

Imagine eating at a brassiere by Karl, or lounging at a resort with luxe amenities if his fashion shows are any indication of how he'll do it, we'll expect nothing more than class and elegance. (Not to mention a hefty price tag!)