Spicing things up 11 years on

Andrea De Cruz is not shy to admit that she is proactive when it comes to passion.

Although she has been married to Pierre Png for 11 years, she always finds ways to spice things up in the bedroom.

She said: "Sometimes, Pierre is very tired from work but he cannot sleep, so I will do some stuff to ease him into slumber. Some of the things I do are not suitable for print, but well, giving him a massage is one of them.

"We are also very spontaneous. We don't plan too much. If there is something we want to do, we will just do it. This keeps the marriage fresh."

According to Png, men are "very simple" and "want only a few things". .

He said: "I work long hours, so if the lights are down when I get home and I see that Andrea has waited for me, it gets me in the mood and I know I'm 'getting some'.

"Of course, knowing that she is safe, healthy and happy makes me happy."

Png also praised his wife for working out regularly to keep in shape and remain attractive.

"If the woman looks good and smells good, the husband will feel happy. It makes the husband proud when he can see his wife taking good care of herself."


De Cruz, who goes for personal training sessions twice a week, said: "Many women neglect themselves after they give birth and they end up being unappealing to their husbands.

"It's important to maintain and look good to reward the husband."

The couple also said they do not carry over conflicts to the next day.

De Cruz said: "The good thing about us is that if we are in the wrong, we will admit that we are.

"We will apologise first and not go to bed with a heavy heart. It has seemed to work well for us so far."

Png added: "And I never fail to remind her how much I love her every day."

This article was published on April 19 in The New Paper.

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