Splurge or save: Primer & Mascara

These two mascaras come with an extra step: a primer in the form of dry fibre or a paste to lengthen lashes first, before mascara is applied for a bolder look. The primers also act as a base to give mascara a firmer grip on the lashes.



PERVERSION MASCARA (Photo 2)$38, both from Sephora stores

The lash primer is made to add body and length to the lashes, with vitamin E to condition. It also promises a smoother mascara application. While providing curl and volume, the mascara promises to stimulate lash growth with proteins, amino acids, marine collagen and honey extracts.

REVIEW: The creamy whitelash primer added natural-looking thickness to my lashes. It also made the mascara curl and lift my lashes more easily. There was a visible difference in the effectiveness of the mascara when I did not use the primer; my lashes looked lifted, longer and darker, but they did not look as full and dramatic.

I also liked the mascara wand, which gripped the lashes firmly but gently for a thorough application.


K-PALETTE 1 DAY MAGIC FIBER MASCARA (Photo 3)$27.90, from selected personal care and department stores

This product comes with two ends; one for the white fluffy fibre and another for the black mascara. The fibre promises to increase the length of lashes by 10 times; while the mascara is made to volumise and curl lashes from the roots.

REVIEW: To use this two-step product, one has to first coat lashes with mascara, followed by a dusting of the fibre on the lashes, and another coat of mascara. Repeat if necessary.

I found the dry white fibre - which resembles fine and loose cotton candy floss - messy; sometimes, it comes out of the tube in clumps. The fibre did not adhere well to the rather dry texture of the mascara, and most of it ended up on the mascara brush.

My lashes did look longer, thicker and remained soft, but they were all pointing downwards. The mascara did nothing to curl them. This product would work best on those who already have curly lashes.

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