S'porean YouTube duo shares the secret to a happy, lasting marriage

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Known for its tongue-in-cheek clips imitating real-life situations, Night Owl Cinematics (NOC) has garnered over 380,000 fans (at press time) since it aired in 2013 as a platform for the couple to practise video shooting and editing, and to enable Ryan to translate his original ideas on to the screen.

Two years on, NOC's videos cover topics like If Singaporeans Were Honest and S**t Crazy Girlfriends Say.

Her World Brides: Hi Sylvia, how did you meet and end up together?

Sylvia: We met when we were 16 and both modelling part-time. We stayed friends for years until sparks flew when Ryan helped me to find my ex and get back the money he owed me.

HWB: What is it about Ryan that attracts you the most?

Sylvia: He's the kindest person I know. He always buys tissues from the elderly. He's also extremely hardworking.

Duo behind Night Owl Cinematics share the secret to a happy, lasting marriage

HWB: What stage of your relationship were you in when you started NOC and how did it come about?

Sylvia: We were already married. After our first business venture failed, I encouraged Ryan to find something he liked doing. NOC was the result as he wanted to convey his concepts, including ones for weddings, through videos.

We soon became known for this as well as our ability to shoot and edit ideas from a fresh perspective every time.

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HWB: As you work together, what are the dynamics like between you?

Sylvia: There are a lot of arguments over work, but we try to sort things out and keep it and our relationship separate. It's really hard to do, but it's important.

HWB: How important is humour in your relationship?

Sylvia: Quite essential. Both of us are pretty funny and our conversations are hilarious! This spills over into our videos.

HWB: How long have you been together, and what are your secrets to a happy, lasting relationship?

Sylvia: We've been married for five years now and we've learned to accept each other's flaws, deal with our mistakes and get through small annoyances in our lives (laughs).

Night Owl Cinematics' videos are on Youtube (www.youtube.com/nightowlcinematics) and Facebook (www.facebook.com/Nightowlcinematics).

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