Star Awards 2016: Red carpet hits & misses

If you didn't know where to look while watching part one of MediaCorp's Star Awards on Sunday night (Apr 17), we don't blame you.

And no, we're not referring to how we had to keep our eyes peeled for a certain someone (we're talking about you, Rui En) - but rather, Felicia Chin's dress.

See-through dresses were the trend at the annual awards show and Chin was by far the boldest as her sheer gown covered, well, just the important bits.

However, we loved it. The pretty actress looked stunning on the red carpet and we applaud her move in trying to make a fashion statement. Chin was the right person for the Paolo Sebastian dress, which showed off her toned pins as well.

Her dress was apparently "inspired by nightingales", Today reported.

Some of the other actresses who decided to opt for barely-there dresses include Belinda Lee and Jesseca Liu.

Lee, being the sweetheart that she always is, was even spotted helping to adjust Chin's dress. We assume it must have been hard keeping the dress in place as she climbed steps.

Photo: The New Paper

Their dresses did not stand out as much as Chin's, that's for sure.

We will, however, add that it was a little nerve-wrecking for us as we watched them climb up the few steps to go on stage and collect their respective Top 10 Most Popular Female Artiste awards. Still, they looked gorgeous on and off stage.

Another star - who never seems to make a fashion faux pas at red carpet events - that took our breath away was none other than the original Ah Jie of Caldecott Hill: Zoe Tay.

Tay was a picture of elegance in her crimson red Valentino dress. She also reportedly had on $1 million worth of Van Cleef & Arpels jewels. The veteran actress told Today that it was her "first time wearing something so expensive".

Sure, everyone was probably waiting with baited breath for Rui En to make her first public appearance since her heavily-reported accident last week.

But luckily for her, there isn't anything bad to say about her outfit choice for the night.

The actress wore a white, bridal-like Romona Keveza gown. If she was going for a pure and innocent look for the night, she nailed it.

And the night's worst-dressed star goes to... Rebecca Lim.

What was her stylist thinking? The Straits Times said that she was channeling her "inner Maleficent".

But we think the starlet, who was last year's Best Actress winner, could have opted for a more muted look especially since she has quite an admirable track record of looking ravishing at the Star Awards shows.

Unfortunately (or fortunately for her), Lim is not the only one of our list of worst-dressed stars.

Carrie Wong wore a purple-blue dress that was so underwhelming, it did not seem appropriate enough for such a big night. Had she known that she would be picking up the Social Media Award (and beating Jeannette Aw while at it), would she still have worn that awful, frilly dress?

Photo: The Straits Times

There is, after all, part two of the Star Awards next Sunday (Apr 24) for the stars to continue bringing their best looks to the red carpet. And also, for the few others to make up for their red carpet misses.

Don't let us down again, Becks!