Star Style: Cheryl Miles

Cheryl Miles, actress, singer and Hot FM91.3 DJ, wearing a shimmery black and gold embroidered mini-dress.

She's sultry on air, but off duty, Hot FM91.3 DJ Cheryl Miles is just madcap and goofy.

Miles, a co-host of The Shan and Cheryl Show, which runs from 6am to 10am, thrives on self-deprecating humour.

"I have a bad habit of over-stuffing my bags. I once dropped a bra on the red carpet. It fell out of my (overstuffed) tote bag when I tripped on the carpet.

"Don't ask me why I had an extra bra or a tote bag at a red carpet event. I am just grateful that the embarrassing moment was not caught on camera."

After a long career of singing, dancing and acting, Miles, 39, says she is dressing differently for radio.

"Before I started my radio career, I was busy running around for rehearsals, dance classes and television shoots. Funky street clothes and track pants, a crop top and sneakers were the uniform of the day.

"These days, I think I dress more femininely and conservatively.

"I do miss performing, though, so I think that's why I still have a penchant for shiny sequined dresses and a taste for the theatrics - quirky pieces like a tutu skirt or a dramatic fascinator."

Her tresses are also in a constant state of experimentation. She's had an undercut, has cut it short, has grown it out and has coloured it all sorts of ways.

But this, she said, has damaged her hair.

"I've had to cut it short again to grow out new healthy hair. So I doubt I will do anything crazy with my hair anymore since I want to make sure my mane remains in good condition," she said.


As expected, the clothes presented at this shoot came in an overstuffed bag.

But Miles says she is "practical" when it comes to spending and will only spend a maximum of $500 on an item.

"I'd be more daring (with fashion) if I had my toned abs back, but I'm definitely staying clear of anything too tight."

Her money goes to something else instead.

"My biggest investment on a monthly basis is my gym membership, yoga classes, all-natural supplements, skincare products, spa and facial packages.

"At the end of the day, it doesn't matter what you are wearing if you don't feel confident and comfortable in your own skin."

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Miles was frank when it comes to her floaty "glammed-up" strapless maxi frock.

According to her, it covers all her flaws and reveals just enough skin.

She admitted: "I've put on a ton of weight so all my slinky skinny clothes are vacuum-sealed and stored under my bed.

"What I equate sexy with is dressing to suit your body shape and wearing it confidently."


Her outfit of choice is an ethnic tribal print maxi dress paired with denim jacket and beret.

"Waking up at 4.30am is tough and I don't have time to think about mixing and matching.

"The only thing I'll bother to match my maxi dress with is a jacket or sweater to keep warm. I have about 10 different jackets - from denim to stripes to leather.


"I might have an unhealthy obsession with shiny things. It's highly possible I was a disco ball in my former life," Miles quipped.

Wearing a shimmery black and gold embroidered mini-dress, Miles is also aware of the dangers of too much bling.

"I have to be careful to choose pieces that are not too Liberace-inspired or too Vegas showgirl-esque."


Her favourite get-up is a combination of harem pants teamed with a tube top and flip flops.

"I'm a hippy boho chick at heart. It's comfortable to wear, no matter what body shape I'm in.

"I have maybe five different kind of pants like these. It's the outfit I feel most myself in - carefree, down-to-earth, relaxed."

This article was first published on June 6, 2014.
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