Star style: Liv Lo

Fly Entertainment artist Liv Lo does just about everything.

The 28-year-old Italian-Taiwanese model is currently acting on Channel 5's Point Of Entry.

She speaks Mandarin, Japanese and English, and has modelled all over the world.

Lo is also into yoga with her own website (

With a schedule like that, it is no wonder she has a practical approach when it comes to fashion.

She said: "I don't dress to be fashionable. I wear what I like to wear. I stay away from the trends and what's in style.

"You can even find me at the sale rack or in second-hand shops buying vintage pieces."

Lo said: "My style is unpretentious; I am not flashy or wear neon colours.

"My style is developed around my lifestyle. I like pastels, whites, blues and greens."

She takes her inspiration from a variety of sources.

"I follow my favourite fashionistas, street snaps, flip through magazines and go to the occasional fashion show.

"I look for coordination and observe how they combine the cuts, patterns and colours, and take mental notes."

Lo loves shopping.

"I shop almost every day, either in town or online."

The brands she supports are "H&M, Topshop, BCBG Maxazria, Love Bonito, Toms Shoes and Cosset".

She said: "I am not an impulsive buyer and will try clothing on before purchasing. However, I am not shy to say 'yes' to scooping up as many pieces as I want in any store."

Her big weakness is shoes.

"When going out of town, I will pack a minimum of four pairs of shoes. I need to be able to dress up, dress down, and have shoes to coordinate with my outfits."

And she learnt a few tricks from her modelling days.

"If the shoe doesn't fit, try taking the shoe cushion out.

"Roll up sleeves and keep the correct length with rubber bands."

But being a model has its drawback too.

Lo lamented: "I have tried on so many wedding dresses, I will never be able to choose!"


"Fashion is not that important to me when I am chilling out. No one cares how you look when you are relaxing. Top concerns are that it's stretchable and doesn't wrinkle when I sit on the couch all day."

Lo said: "I am one for wearing my pyjamas out on any given Sunday, hence the crumpled top!"


Lo does not have a favourite body part, but dresses to enhance her "long legs and small waist".

But the dress that makes her feel sexiest is this one from Hong Kong designer Beatriz Da Silva.

She said: "It was tailored to fit my body. It is chic yet sexy because of the open back."

Lo keeps in shape by practising yoga and living a healthy, active lifestyle. And she is happy to share.

"I often share my workout routines and activity through my Instagram and Facebook page."


At work, Lo wants to look "stylishly professional".

She said: "It's actually quite difficult to dress for castings. It is important not to show too much skin while appearing well put together.

"For men, it is simple to wear an ironed button-down and pants. But for women, we still need to show our personality with our clothing choices."


Lo chose this outfit because it was what she wore when she auditioned for Point Of Entry.

"The character was a Singaporean policewoman with a Singlish accent.

"The outfit needed to be conservative, so I wore this because I thought it was what my character would wear."

It was obviously a good choice because Lo landed the gig.

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