Sugar daddy? They can't be fat, ugly or cheap

Sugar daddy? They can't be fat, ugly or cheap

SINGAPORE - Amelia is not alone. Thanks to the Internet, the sugar daddy trend has exploded, with sites like Seekingarrangement. com, Sugardaddysingapore. com and

Currently billed as the most successful of these sites, says it is merely helping along "mutually beneficial arrangements".

The site alone has over 400 listings of Singapore- based sugar daddies looking for female sugar babies.

The men's ages range from 30s to 50s.

Some state what they will spend on a potential sugar baby. Others talk about their jobs, which often seem to be in the finance industry.

Over 700 Singaporean sugar babies have also listed their profiles on the site, advertising themselves.

Most of these girls are in their mid-20s.

For many, a normal date will see the happy couple going out for dinner, perhaps a movie, with maybe some intimate time spent together at home afterwards.

The site prides itself on respecting privacy and sugar babies can rest assured that their potential sugar daddies and mummies have their backgrounds checked.

Although it is not a compulsory process, the background verification promises to increase the number of views one's profile will get.Sugar babies will be able to check if their potential sugar daddies and mummies have passed the background check, which includes checks for sex crimes, assaults and battery, violent crimes and domestic violence.

Sugar babies are granted free access to the site if their profile is accurate and an approved photo has been uploaded.

Sugar daddies and mummies are entitled to a free trial, where they can send up to 10 e-mails. After that, they can upgrade their accounts to gain full access.

There are also more than 150 male sugar babies.

And only one sugar mummy.

Amelia says she stuck with her current sugar daddy after meeting several potential ones.

Several men contacted her after a few days of her setting up a sugar baby profile, but she turned them down for several reasons.

"Some of them were really fat and ugly. Some were paying very little, only about $300 a month," she says, while rolling her eyes.

"If you want to pay so little, go look for a prostitute."

She explains: "At first when I went out with a few of the men, they tried haggling over prices with me. It's not like prostitution. If you want to pay me $300 for a one-time affair, maybe it's still reasonable. But as a sugar daddy, it means I have to spend more time with you than a prostitute. I need to doll up and look good for you. $300, not enough."

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