Supermodel Heidi Klum clones herself for Halloween

Heidi Klum took Halloween to multiple levels as she cloned herself for her 17th annual Halloween party in New York on Monday (October 31).

Klum appeared from a shipping crate with five look-alikes wearing prosthetics molded to look like her on the red carpet.

"People always ask me, how do you do it all? You have four children, you travel around the world. You know, I have so many different jobs, I have three TV shows a year. So you know, I thought, I wish I could clone myself, sometimes. Wait a minute, light bulb, Halloween, and here we are," explained Klum.

The television personality is known for her elaborate and time-consuming costumes, that range from an old lady to a skeleton.

This year, Klum said it took her roughly an hour to prepare, but it took her clones 11 hours.

"It took awhile because they had to put my face on all the girl's faces. So there are all prosthetic pieces, then wigs, then lashes. And then you have to paint onto of the prosthetics, which is also very hard to do," said Klum.

Each year celebrity attendees get into the Halloween spirit by dressing up in clever and creative costumes.

South African comedian and Daily Show host, Trevor Noah came as a character from "Coming to America." Tony Award winner, Cynthia Erivo, spent six hours to become a character from the film "Avatar."