Surprise, this incredibly youthful 41-year-old woman shows off equally stunning sisters AND mother

Surprise, this incredibly youthful 41-year-old woman shows off equally stunning sisters AND mother

Dubbed the "goddess with a frozen age" by the Chinese media, Lure Hsu might just be the most youthful 41-year-old around.

Yes, you read that right. The Taiwanese woman is not 18, but in her 40s.


I mean... just look at her skin. How is that possible?

It's no wonder she's become a social media star, with over 375,000 followers on Instagram and almost 40,000 on Weibo.

While we can all agree that genetics could play a huge role in her appearance, her skincare secrets are worth some consideration as well.

According to Taiwanese magazine Friday, Hsu swears by two vital steps in her beauty routine - applying moisturiser and sunblock.

"Moisturising your skin is really important," she said. "It helps to slow down ageing, and prevents wrinkles and other skin problems."

Applying sunscreen is especially important to her as well. "Exposure to sunlight dries out the skin, which will make spots and wrinkles become more obvious," she explained.


Besides, her diet may also be a reason why she's able to maintain a her fresh face and slender figure.

Following a strict diet of primarily vegetables, Hsu reportedly also avoids sugary drinks. In fact, her only beverage with the exception of water is a cup of black coffee in the morning.

Supplements like Vitamin C and collagen pills are part of her recipe to radiant skin as well.

And if you think she's the only one that struck genetic lottery, you can't be more wrong.


The beauty has two younger sisters as well, namely Fayfay Hsu (centre), 40, a mother of two and a socialite, and Sharon Hsu (right), 36, a celebrity and model in Taiwan.

And the best is yet to come...


Their mother (centre), a retired dancer aged 63, looks incredibly youthful as well. 

While the family of beauties may be raising the bars for beauty standards, many netizens are instead sceptical about it.

While the ladies in this family may have struck the gene pool lottery, it can't be denied that Lure herself has put in a lot of effort into skincare than the average person. At the least, it gives the rest of us some hope.

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