Swarovski heiress can't help but shine in wedding gown studded with 500,000 crystals

They say every bride feels like the most beautiful woman in the world on their wedding day.

And if you're the lucky daughter of a family who owns a crystal empire, that is more or less guaranteed to be a reality.

Victoria Swarovski, heiress of Swarovski and a famous singer in Austria, made her entrance in a stunning wedding gown extravagantly embellished with 500,000 of the company's world-famous crystals during her wedding on June 16.

Designed by Michael Cinco, the luxurious dress reportedly costs over S$1.2 million dollars and weighs 46kg, according to UK's Mirror.

To top off the look, the dress also came with a lace-edged veil measuring almost eight metres long that left her 250 guests admiring her from front to back.

The 23-year-old married her boyfriend of seven years, Werner Mürz, a property mogul in his 40s, in the wedding which took place over three days last weekend in the Cathedral of San Giusto located in Trieste, Italy, reported Daily Mail.

And if you think one wedding gown wasn't enough, you're right.

In the evening, the bride made everyone swoon a second time with a red gown featuring a plunging neckline, also designed by Cinco.

Cinco had earlier posted a teaser clip on Instagram of the bride's gown fitting session earlier this month.

While the fairytale wedding would have left many girls green with envy, some netizens are more caught up with the weight of the dress.

Well, I wouldn't want to wear a dress weighing as much as I do on my wedding day either, even if it's guaranteed to make me shine 'bright like a diamond (in the stars)'.