Taiwanese singer Annie Yi gives birth to baby girl

Taiwanese singer Annie Yi, 47, has given birth to a healthy baby girl in the US.

Nicknamed 'Little Rice Grain', the baby weighed 3.19kg at birth.

Yi's husband, Chinese actor Qin Hao, announced the happy news on Weibo on Tuesday (June 28).

In his post, Qin wrote: "Welcome, Little Rice Grain, to earth. At last, my family's two princesses are in the same frame."

Yi shared the post, adding: "This silly mum cried more than Little Rice Grain". The baby weighed 3.19kg at birth.

The singer, who announced her divorce from entertainer Harlem Yu six years ago, had flown to the US in May in preparation for the birth.

Her first child with Yu, 14-year-old Harrison, was also born in the US.

According to reports, Harrison accompanied Yi when she was residing in Los Angeles, and even helped to pick out his step-sister's name.

Yi married 37-year-old Qin at the Phuket Laguna resort in March last year.

The couple's romance had hit the headlines due to their age gap and Yi's subsequent pregnancy, deemed high risk due to her age.