Take style tips from these 8 fashionable Asian celebs like Charlene Choi, Sammi Cheng

Take style tips from these 8 fashionable Asian celebs like Charlene Choi, Sammi Cheng

Yes, it's that time of the month again where we trawl the accounts of our favourite Asian celebs to get outfit and shopping ideas.

From glamorous dresses to off-duty chic, these stylish stunners gave us a glimpse of their latest fashion finds and we can't help but be impressed and inspired.

Find out who we're crushing on this week below and start taking cues so that you can step up your #OOTD game like them. They've definitely set a high bar, so good luck.

1. Carina Lau


I know this is for an editorial shoot, but Carina Lau completely took my breath away with this shot. Can you believe that she's already 50? #Lifegoals. What I would give to look half as ravishing as her when I hit her age.

As of late, we've noticed that many fashion insiders besides Carina are incorporating larger than life belts into their outfits. This is a great way to add some spice to your otherwise boring work staples, so try it soon.

2. Selena Lee


Hong Kong actress Selena Lee took her street style #OOTD very seriously while she was in Auckland recently. This particular ensemble is extremely well co-ordinated: From the stripe-on-stripe outfit to the matching hot pink bag to the inside of her coat, there was no detail that was overlooked. Tip: If you are "double striping", make sure to pick stripes of different widths.

3. Carrie Wong

Photo: Instagram/@carriewst

A slip dress worn over a white T-shirt with patent leather mules - Carrie's all about the latest trends, all right. If you're still on the fence about getting in on the slip dress trend, this outfit is a perfect jumping off point. Shop our favourites here!

4. Jiaqi Woo

Photo: Instagram/@jiaqiwoo

Cute sweaters are fast gaining momentum as a trend. I liked how Jiaqi gives hers an extra edge by pairing it with a leather skirt. Gladiator straps may not be the shoe of the moment, but Jiaqi managed to work it into her outfit seamlessly. Even better, she picked a soft gold tone that actually helped to elongate her legs! Here are some extra style tips on how you can elongate your legs, too.

5. Sammi Cheng

Photo: Instagram/@sammi_chengsauman

Sammi's feed is my go-to account whenever I do my round-ups, because she has such a unique and quirky sense of style. I can never do loud colours or clashing prints like her, but whenever I see her outfits, I get inspired to push out of my comfort zone a little bit more. This Kenzo x H&M dress is perfect for her personality! The collection comes out tomorrow, so be early if you want to snag a piece!

6. Jessica Jung

Photo: Instagram/@jessica.syj

Jessica Jung's style is closer to my heart. She's often seen looking super chic and cosy in soft knits, jeans and trousers. What stands out for me here is her gorgeous tweed jacket - it works wonders in elevating a very basic outfit.

Every woman needs a good jacket! Find out what are the five essential styles you should have in your wardrobe here.

7. Charlene Choi

Photo: Instagram/@choisaaaa

This outfit emanates a serious 90s vibe, thanks to the grungy combat boots from Louis Vuitton. Yup, it's official: The 90s is back and bigger than ever before! So if you have a pair of scruffy combat boots in your closet - Dr. Martens, anyone?- it's time to take them out for a spin. If you need some 90s styling inspiration, check out Arissa Cheo's debut collection at Singapore Fashion Week here.

8. Myolie Wu

Photo: Instagram/@myoliemyolie

She's always had somewhat of an experimental sense of style previously, but she seems to have veered towards feminine and sophisticated outfits after her marriage. I love this outfit of hers because it's a great showcase of how to get the ruffles game down pat. If you are looking more ruffled options, check out our top picks here.

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