Tear-jerking videos by fast-food chain Jollibee inspire netizens to find true love


Just in time for Valentine's Day, Jollibee hits us with three more of their tear-jerking videos. I'm sure you remember last year's series with "omg" plot twists. Yesterday, they shared a photo teasing the short films entitled "Homecoming," "Signs," and "Status."

The first one they shared was "Homecoming," which is a continuation of last year's "Crush." Here you'll see how the couple's love story began. Since being posted, the video already has over one million views.

The next one is "Signs" and focuses on young love. The girl even uses a soulmate-matching website (does anyone remember love calculator?)

With the videos garnering over four million views combined, netizens are feeling the love. Some are inspired to head to Jollibee to find true love while others tagged their friends to share the video.

After watching the two videos above, wait for the final one, "Status," which will be posted on Feb 2. Get your tissues ready!