They're having a good hair day

PHOTO: The New Paper

The New Paper New Face 2015 finalist Niqi Chass had not stepped into a hair salon for five years.

She was growing out her dark brown hair and whenever she needed a quick trim, she would do it herself.

So it was a treat for the 23-year-old when she and seven other finalists got new hairstyles at Monsoon Hair House at Velocity mall.

Niqi moved here from the United Kingdom last November to work as an assistant in a trading company.


It took four hours for stylists at Monsoon Hair House to transform her from a brunette into a blonde. They bleached Niqi's hair twice for the dye to take and to make sure the colour was even.

"I think they decided to go lighter because of my skin tone, as I'm quite pale," she said.

She added that she was impressed with the colour and that "my hair is still in good condition, so I'm really happy with how it's turned out".

Monsoon Group's artistic director Jenny Lee, 40, oversaw Niqi's haircut, as well as that of the other finalists.

While some girls got a simple trim, others got drastic makeovers.

Finalist Marie Vanessa Chang had her hair cut to almost half its previous length.

"The experience was fun. I like what they did to my hair and I think it looks very nice," said the 18-year-old student.

Ms Lee thinned out Marie's hair to make it lighter, softer and easier to style.

Another finalist, Selynna Norhisham, got her hair dyed and cut.

Selynna, 22, an administrator at a local delivery company, went from a short bob to a pixie cut, and from light brown to a darker brown with green lowlights.

Said Ms Lee: "We left her hair longer on top, so it can still be styled and changed at shoots.

"Also, with a darker colour and a short cut, her face (will) look stronger."

Selynna was elated over the results, saying: "It looks amazing... I'm very impressed."

So what's next for The New Paper New Face finalists? The girls said they couldn't wait to start doing photo shoots with their new hairstyles.

Selynna said: "I need to find my angles again and see what looks feminine and what looks boyish."

Niqi added of her fresh new look: "I think it'll give me a new type of confidence boost at shoots. I can reinvent myself in some ways."

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