Tips for looking flawless

We definitely want to look our best this festive season.

Video-on-demand website Viu has recently partnered Korea's DIA TV to create bite-sized content, providing free tips on food, dance and beauty every week.

It's available on Viu's website and app.

The videos are produced by 20 of Korea's most popular and influential figures on the Internet.

We pick five beauty and make-up tips for the festive period to keep you looking flawless.


Don't confuse this with the baking of pastries in the oven.

This is baking your face with powder.

Make-up guru SSIN has a step-by-step tutorial on how to bake one's face, which is used to keep make-up looking matte.

First, apply the basic steps of foundation and concealer under the eyes, on the forehead, nose and chin.

Then, take some translucent loose powder and pack it on the aforementioned areas of the face, where the powder "bakes" off moisture and oil.

According to SSIN, it's just like "sprinkling flour on dough".

Wait for about five minutes for the face to be baked, and then brush off the excess powder lightly with a face brush.


These days, almost everything has a marble design to it - clothes, accessories and even furniture.

So, why not apply it to your nails?

South Korean YouTuber Yeoni is known for her intricate and cute nail art, and demonstrates how to create hot pink marble nails.

The first step to applying every nail polish is to line the nails with a layer of base coat.

Yeoni then applies a layer of hot pink polish, and lightly draws some jagged lines with dark red polish, followed by red underneath.

Using a sponge, she dabs the colours all over the nail to give the marble effect, and finishes it off with a top coat.


Always wanted the no-make-up look?

Skip the foundation and start with sunscreen and concealer.

Put dots of sunscreen all over the face, followed by small dots of concealer beside the sunscreen, and blend them using your fingers.

For eyebrows, fill them in with quick light strokes, and contour the nose and eyes.

Apply mascara and eyeliner, but remember not to wing out the line too much.

Use a liquid blusher and some light pink lipstick, and you're good to go.


When it seems like you can never conceal your dark eye circles and angry red spots on your face, try colour correcting, which was derived from the Munsell Colour Wheel, making use of complementary colours to neutralise the face.

There are four colours - purple, orange, green and yellow - depending on your skin tone.

For those with panda eyes, use red or orange, green for red spots and purple for bringing out sallow areas on the face.

Finally, blend them onto the face and go about your daily make-up routine.

Say goodbye to those alcohol-filled late nights during the festive season!


Who said you can only glow with bright highlighters?

Enter the black highlighter, which Korean make-up guru Sunny tried from Jeffree Star Cosmetics.

This is more for the adventurous bunch, as black highlighters can get a little too much if applied wrongly.

Use a light hand to apply the highlighter on the cheekbones, and it can be used for contouring as well.

If it's still too crazy for you, mix in a light highlighter above the black to tone everything down.

This takes practice.

You don't want to look like you've been punched.

This article was first published on December 23, 2016.
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