TNP New Face girls get tips on new looks

(From top) The New Paper New Face 2014 finalists Iman Fandi Ahmad, Aisyah Salleh, Diya Prabhakar and Abby Sompolpong after getting their make-up done.

Looking good is crucial to The New Paper New Face 2014's top 20, especially since they will be making public appearances.

Top make-up brand M.A.C. lets in on how to paint a trendy face on four of the finalists.

It starts with a good base.

M.A.C. Singapore's senior artist Beno Lim said: "The four girls use our Mineralize foundation. This solid cream compact foundation delivers medium coverage with a satin finish.

"The formula is made up of 30 per cent water, which helps skin feel hydrated immediately and protects against dryness. This formula can last up to eight hours of wear."

The Mineralize range, which includes M.A.C.'s most popular finishing powder, lipstick and liquid foundation, provides luscious colours and contains a blend of 77 minerals to nourish the skin.

The girls' faces were done in M.A.C.'s 'Off Colour' Autumn-Winter 2014 trend.

On finalist Diya Prabhakar, 15, Mr Lim used A Medley of Mauves Mineralize Eye Shadow on her eyes, Love Joy Mineralize blush on her cheeks, and her lipstick was Lush Life Mineralize.

Finalist Abby Sompolpong, 19, had A Harvest of Green Mineralize Eye Shadow, Gentle Mineralize Blush and So Good Mineralize lipstick.

Iman Fandi Ahmad, 14, had the vivid A Sprinkle of Blue Mineralize eyeshadow, together with Dainty Mineralize Blush and Be Fabulous Mineralize lipstick.

And on Aisyah Salleh, 22, it was A Waft of Grey Mineralize Eye Shadow, Dainty Mineralize Blush and Bold Spring Mineralize lipstick.


Mr Lim said: "Shades like blue, green, grey and mauve create the effect of luminosity and life in the face.

"As most Asian girls tend to have golden undertones, they look most natural wearing warm colours. But that does not mean they cannot wear cool colours - in fact, these will just look more vibrant against their skin.

"For example for Diya, who is more tan, I have chosen shades of plum to give her a more vibrant look."

Diya, who loved her make-up, said: "It's youthful-looking and really bright."

Abby added: "For other brands, you need to use a lot of the product to get coverage. But M.A.C. covers with less, so in that way, it's better than some cheaper products."

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The new paper new Face is an annual modelling competition in its 22nd year.

It is presented by Subaru MotorImage.

Official apparel by Levi's. official footwear and accessories by new Look.

This year's winner gets $10,000 and a feature in Singapore's top women's magazine, her World

This article was first published on August 21, 2014.
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