Too hot to handle? Hubby divorces wife after she loses weight and becomes stunning bombshell

When 83kg Angela Crickmore decided to take control of her body and lose weight, she did not expect to lose her husband too.

According to AsianTown, the 36-year-old originally from Brazil and now living in London, England weighed 83kg but was inspired by her friend who lost 9.5kg.

The Sun reports that she attributed her figure to going to work, looking after her child and watching TV on the couch. She and her husband would spend most evenings relaxing at home after work and visit his parents' house at weekends, where they would sit, drink and chat.

Her weight gain made it a struggle to walk long distances.

At 83kg, she claims her husband thought she was "beautiful".

Despite this, pressure from friends and family made her feel "self-conscious". She says has always been "confident" but admitted deep down she was unhappy because she had previously been very fit while living in Brazil.

She then decided to change her life: She chose an appropriate diet and hit the gym. Overall, Angela lost about 28kg.

Now, she looks incredibly fit and has the stunning physique of a model.

However, what she did not think was that her husband would divorce her. He claimed to like the 83kg Angela better.

Her new active lifestyle was taking its toll on her marriage and family life.

She stopped cooking for her husband and son as her own healthy routine did not fit in with theirs.

She explained: "Because I started to want a different life, I wanted to be outdoors more, climbing, hiking, playing tennis, any sports.

"I liked different foods and I didn't enjoy being at home in front of a TV eating snacks anymore.

"I started to get very scared to go back to what I was."

After nine years of marriage, the couple eventually split up.

Despite all this, Angela is very happy with new life and does not regret her choice:

"I am in the best shape of my life and feel very rewarded because I work very hard for that."

Good for her, as someone who does not support your health and well-being is not worth keeping. What do you think?

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