Too many pageants? Here's a list of top beauty contests in Singapore

The recent Miss Singapore Beauty Pageant has drawn various responses from the social media community.

There have been unsavory comments.

Some, however, defended the girls.

Miss Singapore Beauty Pageant finalists draw flak over their looks

  • From left, Ms Grand Singapore Crystal Lim, Ms Singapore Chinatown Christina Cai, Ms Singapore Tourism Queen Tricia Koh and Ms Singapore Global Beauty Queen Amanda Li.
  • The Miss Singapore Beauty Pageant finalists were back to face the public after a ‘journey of transformation’.
  • Crystal Lim, 22, student. Height: 170cm; Weight: 58kg Exercise Regime: From weighing 75kg two years ago to being one of the 4 winners at the Miss Singapore Beauty Pageant 2017 on 25 August 2017, I have changed my exercise routine and diet over the last two years. Nowadays, I work out 3-4 times a week, doing HIIT workouts at home or at the gym. I also enjoy going for slow jogs at the park. Exercising has become my favorite form of relaxation and motivation.
  • They were involved in a charity car wash on Sun (Aug 6) at the Red Cross House on 15 Penang Lane, from 11am to 6pm, and proceeds from the event would go towards the Singapore Red Cross
  • Taking the criticism in their stride, pageant organiser ERM Singapore Marketing said in a statement on Friday (Aug 4) that the contestants have undergone a ‘journey of transformation’ and are now ‘ready and confident to showcase their own definition of beauty to the world’.
  • The event comes after a rocky July, where netizens criticised 16 of the 19 finalists, saying that they were ‘ugly’ and ‘repulsive’, after an unofficial photo of them taken by a member of the public was posted online.
  • According to Shin Min Daily News, some of the finalists have been afraid to make public appearances after the hurtful remarks made by netizens.
  • Some unkind critics on the Internet have slammed the participants of the Singapore Beauty Pageant 2017 for their lack of good looks.
  • These girls in the 2017 pageant look good and happy in this photo. But some netizens think they are not beautiful enough.
  • Contestants taking part in a fitness session. Being fit and healthy contributes to overall looks.
  • 2017 contestants trying out life-saving skills at ONEKM mall.
  • The contestants in Singapore Beauty Pageant 2016 look good generally.

However, one thing is for sure. These pageants are here to stay. And for a tiny island, we have TONS of beauty pageants.

So what other pageants are there in Singapore? You will be surprised at the wide range of pageants you can enroll yourself into when you feel that you have the necessary qualities or, as illustrated by the case above, ready to be roasted online by unkind keyboard warriors.

1. Miss Singapore Beauty Pageant

Let's start with the one that made headlines recently.

According to The Straits Times, the pageant will yield four winners under different titles who will go on to represent Singapore internationally under each title.

The four titles are: Miss Singapore Tourism Queen, Miss Singapore Chinatown, Miss Singapore Global Beauty Queen and Miss Grand Singapore.

So this is effectively a pageant for pageants.

Divya Sd, Miss Singapore Tourism Queen 2016.Photo: Facebook

 Finalists were chosen by a committee of former pageant winners, reported The Straits Times.

2. Miss Universe Singapore

Photo: Facebook/Miss Universe Singapore

Boomz! This pageant needs no introduction - we consider this the "mother of all pageants" here.

Initially misunderstood to be the same as Miss Singapore Beauty Pageant, the organisation has clarified this mistake in an Instagram post.

Winner of Miss Universe Singapore will proceed to represent Singapore in the annual Miss Universe pageant on an international stage.

Photo: Facebook/ Miss Universe Singapore


3. Miss Singapore Pageant International


Photo: Facebook/Miss Singapore Pageant International

Somewhat similar to the Miss Singapore Beauty Pageant, this pageant also has 4 sub-categories.

According to its Facebook page,  it is the official holder of the following four titles: Miss Singapore International, Miss Singapore Supranational, Miss Singapore Asia-Pacific International, & Miss Singapore Tourism Queen Of The Year International.

Kaithlyn Xu, Miss Singapore Tourism Queen of the Year International.Photo: Facebook

Not to be mistaken with Miss Singapore Tourism Queen 2016. That would be Divya Sd.

Similarly, it is also mistaken for Miss Singapore Beauty Pageant, in which they quickly clarified in a Facebook post.

Dear all, in light of recent news and events, we would like to clarify that we are Miss Singapore Pageant International...

Posted by Miss Singapore Pageant International - MSPI on Wednesday, July 12, 2017

If you're confused about whichever is which, don't worry. I'm confused as well.

4. Mrs Singapore and classic Mrs Singapore pageant

Photo: Facebook/Mrs Singapore and Classic Mrs Singapore Pageant

This next one is for the women who are married.

According to their Facebook page, this competition separates the girls from the women, and is the only married woman contest in Singapore that gives wonderful and remarkable women a chance to represent Singapore.

5. Miss World Singapore

Bhaama Padmanathan, Miss World SIngapore 2016.Photo: Facebook/ Miss World - Singapore

Miss World Singapore is the next most prominent pageant after Miss Universe Singapore.

It is also the oldest running international beauty pageant. According to their website, they are looking for intelligent, beautiful and passionate young women who want to make a difference and participate for the honour of becoming Miss World Singapore.

Registration is open to Singapore citizens between the age of 17 and 24.

6. Miss Earth

Alongside Miss Universe and Miss World, this pageant is the next largest international contest and with a message too.

Miss Earth is required to address issues concerning the environment and other global issues - this makes this pageant sound the most intelligent of them all.


I am pretty sure I have not covered all the pageants out there. These days, beauty contests have evolved to incorporate personality traits, talents and intelligence, such as CLEO's 50 Most Eligible Bachelors, Manhunt, Female's 50 Most Gorgeous, and whatnot.

They say every journey is a discovery. As you traverse through the list of pageants in this article, I can only hope you do not get as disoriented as I am.

As for me, I have discovered that for an island of roughly five million inhabitants, there sure are a lot of pageants.