Top Mum: Even at 74, my mum doesn't want to quit her job as she finds saving lives fulfilling

Tan Meng Yeow, 39, is glad that she can always count on her mother, Sia Seng Lan, for support and guidance.

At 74 years old, the feisty mum does not wish to slow down and takes pride in her job as a midwife at KK Women's and Children's Hospital.

This is her entry for citizen journalism site Stomp's Top Mum Awards 2015:

"My mum is a super mum. She is a career woman and also a housewife.

"She works to bring back enough money to raise the family and also takes care of her family very well.

"She even does the housework after she comes back after her job.

"I am proud of her because of her career.

"She is working as a midwife at KK Women's and Children's Hospital, saving the lives of babies and mothers when mothers have difficulty in giving birth.

"My mum is 74 years old this year but she is still working in KK hospital and never wants to give up her career because she feels that it is a meaningful job.

"She has gone through a hard life working for more than 50 years and also experienced life in the olden days where she helped mothers to give birth in rural areas.

"My mum is not just my mum, she is also my friend.

"I am willing to share my ideas and my problems.

"She is always supporting and giving me guidance when I'm in trouble.

"We can go out for shopping, go to the salon to do our hair and even go travelling.

"I cannot live without her while I travel overseas.

"My mum gives me unconditional love and she is the person that influence my life to be a better person."

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