Top Mum: Even at 81, she still works to bear part of the household expenses

Lee Fong is forever grateful to her mother, who worked very hard through the poor days and never complained.

In citizen journalism site Stomp's Top Mum Awards 2015 for Mother's Day, here is her entry:

"I will always be very grateful to my mom for bringing us up. She has five of us, me and my 2 sisters and 2 brothers.

"During those days, we were very poor but she worked very hard in the plywood factory and electronics firms as production operator to bring us up.

"She has never complained of the hardship she has to go through and got us a decent education so that we can hold decent jobs today.

"We had been through very tough times, having only rice to eat and we just sprinkled some oil on it to have our meals.

"However we still got a roof over our heads and schools to go to. Thanks to my mum.

"Even till today, after my father suffered from an acute stroke and became immobilized, she also displayed such great strength.

"At the age of 81, she still continued working part-time to bear part of the household expenses.

"Even if she is upset, she is so considerate and does not nag or grumble so that we can concentrate on our work and life.

"To me, she is the best mum in the world and I am truly touched for what she has done for us. I will in turn do my best to make sure that she has a better life.

"Thank you mum and love you."

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