Trends to look out for this Hari Raya

Fashion designs from (from left): Fiziwoo, Innai Red, and Eggie Azman.

Gone are the days when a lace top complemented with a batik skirt and accessorised with a kerongsang was the look for Hari Raya.

Nowadays, traditional wear is heavily infused with modern trends where silhouettes, fabrics and embellishments have evolved to create a very different look.

Despite that, the basic fundamentals are still there, even if the overall appearance has changed. Here's a look at some trends for Hari Raya this year:

Sports luxe for Aidilfitri? Why not?

Photo: Eggie Azman

Eggie Azman is one of Malaysia's new fashion talents whose Hari Raya collection is modern, stylistic and sophisticated. It can also be described as "sporty chic".

Her wide use of neoprene (a fabric often referred to as "scuba" in the textile world) with a black or white side panel is trendy and relevant with today's androgynous, sporty, tech-forward world.

The smooth, sculptural elements of the fabric also lends itself well to Eggie's visions of mermaid shaped skirts, jackets, dresses and trousers.

Details like the use of gold buckles and fine lace detailing on the clean lines of her designs make these versatile pieces very wearable for a Raya open house celebration or event as well as business meetings.

A bold move, this sports apparel, varsity jacket and football jersey-inspired collection is clearly the designer's interpretation of the conventional "baju Raya" as it is a play on the traditional baju kurung and kebaya.

Bring on the glam this Hari Raya

Photo: Fiziwoo

Morocco is the inspiration for Fiziwoo's Raya 2015 Collection.

Glistening intricate beadworks and custom golden ivy leaves can be seen in this collection, that can best be described as embodying the rich Roman influence in the lives of Moroccan artisans.

The vibrant palette depicts the mystical hues seen in a Moroccan spice market as canary yellow, tangerine and lime green mingle with rich darker notes like marsala red, brown and black.

Exaggerated silhouettes and fabric manipulation from the collection showcase an unforeseen play of fashion for traditional baju kurung. An unexpected play of ruffles on heavily embellished and shiny materials is seen throughout alongside the designer's signature contemporary cut lines and voluminous shapes.

From roomy capes and bubbled peplums to shoulder detailing and uneven sleeves, through combining different but complementary elements for the collection, Fiziwoo is indeed pushing its limit in bringing something unforgettable this Hari Raya. Feminine and colourful for the season

Aere and Duck scarves present the first collaborative effort from the two brands.

Going by the hashtag "aerexduck", this Hari Raya collection is inspired by the influential Dutch painter Piet Mondrian and the well-known grid-based colour blocks and lines which is meshed with the feminine touch of the two lady founders.

Soft pastel colours and neutral tones are used to replace the use of bold hues so popularly associated with Mondrian.

The sheen of the light tones are meant to represent the feminine side of women, whilst the strong block cubes and lines represent their strength within.

The collaboration features separate items with duck scarves featuring the Mondrian inspired designs in four soft pastel tones, while aere will introduce 10 different designs consisting of tops, skirts and pants in chic and modern cuts, as well as long dresses, all of which will be available in 14 neutral and soft hues.

Subtle embellishments, classic styles

Photo: aere x duck

The Azura Azwa Eid 2015 collection called Razziya was inspired by a royal from Delhi in the 13th century.

Said to be a great sovereign and an elegant character who cherished her subjects, the keyword of the collection is elegance.

The collection showcases essentials such as organza, songket and chiffon tops and pleated skirts as well as sophisticated evening wear, with chic embellished satin and kebaya pieces.

Designers Azura and Azwa sought to create a collection that married traditional classic styles with modern versatility in terms of use of heritage fabrics in new silhouettes and cuts.

Azura shared that she wanted to make this collection as versatile as possible, to bridge the classic traditional style with sleek modern design.

Flower power at Hari Raya

Photo: The Tara from Azura Azwa

Aptly named Floraya, Innai Red's Raya 2015 collection is dominated by sweet pastel watercoloured florals accentuated with detailing, staying true to the label's design philosophy.

Semi and loose-fitted modern kurungs feature throughout while the clean linear lines gives it a modern feel.

The looks are polished but not constricting, feminine yet not girly. It is this juxtaposition of extremes that continues to be Innai's trademark.

Portraying the festive spirit of Hari Raya, colours range from vibrant tones like coral and fuchsia to sweet pastels such as blush, mint and lavender allowing these pieces to be easily worn through day and night while remaining effortlessly stylish.

Constructed of materials that lend a necessary luxury, one will find breathable linen, floral organza, chameause silk, crepe silk, french lace and european brocades used throughout and married with the right cut and style creating enviable ensembles.

Adding further personality are the details such as a feather peplum, cluster embellishments, petal formations, frills and asymetrical hemlines, all of which add an additional hint of glamour and sophistication.

Photo: Innai Red