Tress chic: TNP New Face girls get new hairdos

Sometimes, a haircut can help you feel like new.

The New Paper New Face 2014 finalist Mira Azman, 19, has never had hair this short.

But for the competition, the personal trainer took the plunge.

"I like it a lot. I wouldn't have had the guts to chop it off if not for New Face," she said, adding that it was "totally something new".

She beamed at herself in the mirror as the stylists finished her haircut and proudly took a video of herself holding her chopped locks.

The hair makeover, a New Face tradition, was presided over by Monsoon Hair House's creative and technical director Pearly Chha, who led a team of stylists.

More fashionable

She said: "For Mira, we evened the colour and made her look more fashionable with shorter hair."

Another New Face finalist whose locks went from mop to mod was Rinna Murni.

Her tresses were dyed black and a few centimetres were trimmed off.

The 17-year-old said: "I had my hair dyed dark brown a few months ago, but it faded. I wanted to keep my long hair, so they just chopped off a little."

There was a reason to colour Rinna's hair.

Ms Chha said: "Rinna has thinner hair so we dyed it black to make it look thicker and healthier."

Tiara Skadiang also had a trim and a dye job.

The 20-year-old student said: "Last year, I decided to grow it out and get blonde highlights. Now, it's dyed brown."

Tiara's colour was chosen to suit her honey skin tone, said Ms Chha, adding that shorter hair also has a youthful effect.

The girls were thoroughly satisfied with their visit to Monsoon Hair House @ Velocity, rushing to take selfies with each other as soon as the stylists were done.

Tiara said: "I've never had my hair done at Monsoon before. It was a good experience. I'll definitely come back."

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This article was published on Aug 20 in The New Paper.

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