Tricks every woman must know to start a good skincare routine in their 20s

Tricks every woman must know to start a good skincare routine in their 20s

Getting antsy about the prospect of losing your lustre in the prime of your life? Let's cut to the chase, then.

Adhere to these axioms and with some luck, your mien ought to remain bouncy and babyfaced well into your next decade and beyond. Good luck!

1. Excuse me, are you dry, oily or combi?

Sometimes it's the most basic of beauty basics that are the hardest to master.

Happily, yours truly is a veritable treasure trove of top tips, and I think I've figured out how to compute which category your complexion falls under - and all you need is a single sheet of tissue paper.

Press said tissue paper into your clean dry face, twiddle your thumbs for a full hour, then "read" the Rorschach test of splotches and smudges.

If there are no smears on the tissue whatsoever and your complexion is generally spot-free and up to snuff, then congrats, you're in the clear, so to speak. "Normal" skin it is!

However, if your face feels uncomfortably taut, you're on your way to becoming a prune, so lube up with a comforting cream, stat.

Finally, if the tissue is slick with sebum along the T-Zone, chances are you have combination skin.

2. Patch test for proof positive

Ascertained your skin type? 'Grats, time for some beauty binge-shopping … but crucial cautionary caveats apply.

Always spot test a new product on the nook of your elbow and neck for any untoward allergic reactions, and ring up your dermatologist if your skin woes persist.

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3. Beef up your defences with a booster

Meet the latest and trendiest skincare superhero on the market.

These next-gen "boosters" (or pre-serum, if you prefer) boast the ability to comfort, contour and condition - as well as enhance the efficacy of the other steps in your skincare.

A neat way to wrap your head around this is to imagine your skin's surface as a sponge: A dry sponge doesn't absorb stuff as well as a damp one would.

Boosters help to "wet" the sponge of your skin so it's that much easier to sop up the goodness from the rest of your serums and salves.

So yes, invest in a brightening booster for that skin-saving spark you'll need to ignite your way to a brighter, better complexion.

4. Hold your head high

Pulled one too many all-nighters and have the swollen cheeks to show for it? Chin up, please.

Try propping up your head with a higher pillow if you're prone to puffiness in the morning; the extra elevation will aid in overall fluid drainage and circulation.

5. Scrutinise your SPF

Listen, I get it: You're sick of sun-shaming. But it bears repeating (ad nauseam if need be) that sun protection is absolutely non-negotiable if you want to forestall freckles and fine lines - not to mention melanoma! - so always cover up with a sun-shielding product.

Most fluid foundations and cushion compacts already come souped up with SPF of some sort, but I like stashing a spray-on sunscreen in my slingbag to spritz throughout the day as a sun-killing makeup setter.

Right, then. You know the drill: Spill the #deets if these tips work for you.

Do me a favour by sharing this story with your fellow beauty buddies, and cheers to perennially perfect complexion!

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