Two Hermes' exhibitions in Singapore for 50 days


SINGAPORE - Hermes' Leather Forever exhibition has made its way to Singapore and it opens this Sunday on Oct 25 at the ArtScience Museum.

The free exhibition, which is here for 50 days until Dec 13, is all about Hermes' relationship with leather.

The globetrotting exhibition is on a world tour but specially for Singapore, the creative masters at Hermes have come up with five miniature versions of the Kellydoll bag in honour of each decade of Singapore's independence.

Each of the minis - inspired by Singapore's gardens - is created in the exact proportion of the Kelly, and is a cartoon-bag that smiles, opens wide its twinkling eyes, wrinkles its clasp of a nose and joyfully holds out its arms.

While it is one of the highlight of the exhibition, Leather Forever also showcases many key items from Hermes' past, as well as more recent creations, to tell a poetic story of its relationship with leather, the first material it tamed.

Craftsmen from the Hermes workshops in Paris will also be present to demonstrate the art of leather working by creating some of its iconic bags on site.

Other than Leather Forever, fans of the French brand can also visit Little Room of Wanders, located at the lawn of the Asian Civilisations Museum.

Although it is a smaller exhibition, the pieces on display are from the Emile Hermes museum in Paris.

The exterior is rather non-descript but as you step in, it is like entering into a room in Hermes' house that is full of treasures, and surprises dating back to the 1800s. You will get a keen insight to Hermes' personal collection of paintings, equestrian objects, rare books and unusual knick-knacks - including some significant pieces which have inspired the house's brand and logo, and continues to provide inspiration to the house's designers.


Location: ArtScience Museum, Marina Bay Sands


Location: ACM Green, Asian Civilisations Museum

When: Oct 25-Dec 13, 2015

Opening hours: Daily, 10 am to 7 pm and from 10 am to 9 pm on Fridays

Admission free