US woman complains about "ridiculously cheap clothing from Singapore"

US woman complains about "ridiculously cheap clothing from Singapore"

SINGAPORE - Ever bought a beautiful dress online only to find out when it reaches you that it is nothing more than a stretchy T-shirt that barely comes down over your hips?

That is the experience of an American mum from Nashville Tennessee, after she ordered several items from an online shopping site, purportedly from Singapore.

In her blog post on Nov 21, titled "This is what happens when you order ridiculously cheap clothing from Singapore", Ms Lindsay Ferrier details her buying process from the site.

Ms Ferrier explains how was she was enticed by the designs of the coats and sweaters, as well as the astonishingly low price.

She wrote: "Most of the dresses (on the site) would get a girl arrested for indecent exposure if she were to wear one of them in public.

"But when I looked at the coats and sweaters, I found plenty of options I loved. And the prices were AH-MAZ-ING.

"Tops were US$10 - US$15 (S$13 - S$20)! Sweaters were US$15-US$20! And coats were all under US$40!

"Even though (the name of the site) is located in Singapore, the site offered free shipping - or expedited shipping with a tracking number for just US$1.20. Yes. You read that right. US$1.20."

However, the mother of two young children had a nasty surprise when the clothes arrived.


In photos which Ms Ferrier posted, where she parades the items that she purchased, it was clear the sizes listed were grossly misrepresented, even though Ms Ferrier claimed she measured herself carefully and ordered a size larger than her usual.

Of the four items she had ordered, none fit her.

The coat was apparently too tight and not made of wool, as advertised. A dress came up to her hips, another top had holes in them, and a long sweater settled in "an unflattering spot" on her upper hips.

To add to the hilarity, Ms Ferrier got her 10-year-old daughter to try on the clothes and based on photos, they fit her like a glove.

But a check with the website found that the company is not registered in Singapore, but in Shenzhen, China.

The post which Ms Ferrier shared on Facebook also got the attention of netizens from Singapore. Many left comments on Ms Ferrier's blogpost, pointing out that the e-commerce site is actually from China.

They also highlighted that many Singapore blog shops offer decent quality clothes, coupled with good customer service.

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