Victoria Beckham reveals exclusive dresses for Korean customers

Singer-turned-designer Victoria Beckham revealed four dresses for spring and summer exclusively for Korean consumers on, an online luxury brand shopping website, Monday.

"I picked these colors and silhouettes because I think these are well-suited to my Korean customers. They are cute, energetic and right amount of fun. We will have fun, but not too much fun," said Beckham, at a press conference Monday in Seoul.

The four dresses -- in stripe, pink, silver and white with small black dots -- were showcased at the press conference. They will be available for sale in Japan and other Asian countries from Tuesday on the German-based online clothing store, which offers services in Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

Beckham launched her eponymous label in 2008 and sister label Victoria Victoria Beckham in 2012. In addition to her first flagship store in London, she opened the second store in Hong Kong last week.

"Asia is the fastest growing market and this is a new chapter for me," she said.

Beckham has gradually expanded her collection starting from her first small collection of 10 dresses to denim and more casual line of Victoria Victoria Beckham.

"I want to make dressing easy for women," she said. "I love women. I think I understand what women want," she said.

"I'm really giving my customers the best, making them feel empowered and being the best version of themselves," she added.

She shared another reason that she and her Asian customers may have in common.

"I love being in Asia. What David loves about Asia is the sense of family you have here. Family is everything to us. We have four incredible children. I think people feel the same about family as we do," she added.

By Lee Woo-youg (