Vivian Hsu, 40, gives birth to baby boy

In an Instagram post on Monday, Taiwanese actress Vivian Hsu, 40, announced the arrival of her baby boy last Thursday (August 13).

Hsu shared a photo of herself carrying the newborn, whom the doting parents have named Dalton Lee. According to Taiwan's Apple Daily and media reports, the baby was born via Caesarean section at Singapore's Mount Elizabeth hospital.

Hsu apologised for not updating fans on the baby's birth sooner, as she needed time to recuperate after the delivery. The actress has had a difficult pregnancy, spending most of her time confined to bed rest in hospital under doctor's orders.

She wrote that despite the doctor's goal of making sure that the baby reaches 28 weeks before it would be safe to deliver him, Hsu was determined to make it to 32 weeks "so he won't suffer so much after birth".

"And we did it, he is 2kg!" said the delighted mum.

Explaining how they came up with his name, Hsu said 'Dalton' ends with an 'n', just like his parents' names (Sean and Vivian).

And the baby's name starts with 'D' because Hsu's two step-children's names start with 'C' and 'E' (Clara and Elisha), so his initial would complete the happy family.

Describing the baby's features, Hsu says he has big eyes and long fingers just like her, and "the rest looks like Daddy!"

Speaking on behalf of Dalton, Hsu wrote: "I'm sorry, but granny says I'm more handsome than Daddy!

She also expressed hope that little Dalton would be strong and be able to "take care of the family and help others" when he grows up.