Vivian Hsu goes through transformation after hospital stay in S'pore

40-year-old Vivian Hsu has had a difficult time during her four months pregnancy.

Last month, the Taiwanese singer-actress who is currently based in Singapore with her businessman husband, Sean Lee was admitted to hospital due to stomach flu.

Vivian was bed-ridden and stayed in hospital for almost a month.

During her stay in hospital, she was not able to wash her long hair for five days. As she was not able to stand her oily scalp, she had to use the hospital's shampoo service in which she was charged a high sum due to the length of her hair.

For easy maintenance during her pregnancy, Vivian even chopped off 45cm of her long hair.

Vivian also uploaded her new hairdo photo and played with an age predicting app, which predicted that she was only 12. Vivian jokingly said, "It's so accurate!"

Many netizens have also praised Vivian's new hairstyle, calling it fresh and chic.

On Mother's Day, the actress also revealed the gender of her baby, announcing that it is a boy.

Source: Asian Pop News, Apple Daily


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