Vivian Hsu reveals biggest marriage struggle, tough life growing up

Singer Vivian Hsu has revealed in the March issue of Vogue Taiwan her biggest struggle since she got hitched and the tough life she had growing up.

Unknown to many, Entertainment News QQ said the 39-year-old singer and songwriter went into show business at a young age after her parents divorced.

She started off as a model at 14 years old to help earn money and became the decision maker in the family.

QQ reported that Hsu and her brother were initially in her father's custody. But after realising that he was not a good parent, her mother fought and got both children back under her care.

Thinking back, Hsu said that it was thanks to her mother's love that she did not go astray.

About to turn 40 in two weeks' time on Mar 19, Hsu revealed that her life had a drastic change since she got married.

The biggest change, she said, was passing the role of being the family's decision maker to her Singapore-based Indonesian husband, Sean Lee.

The singer also needed some getting used to being pampered.

She revealed how her mother-in-law would deliver nutritious soups to her place by cabbing over.

Hsu also shared how happy she is to be "promoted" to a wife and step-mother to her husband's two children from his previous marriage.

She said being called someone's wife is such sweet words to her ears and being a mother has made her very happy.