Vivian Hsu reveals her doting S'pore-based hubby is so sweet, he even blow dries her hair

Vivian Hsu and her Singapore-based businessman husband registered for marriage at the beginning of this year and she is now reportedly residing in Singapore.

According to an article in Asian Pop News, the 38-year-old Taiwanese actress-singer revealed her marriage to Sean Lee as being refreshing and exciting in a magazine interview. She also shared how her husband's love has touched her.

She said: "There was once when we went to Hokkaido for a holiday.

"I was not feeling well, so I rested in the hotel. My husband went to buy takeout for me.

"After he returned, I realised he was sweating. It turned out that he was worried that the food would turn cold, and so he ran back."

She also shared that her husband would blow dry her hair for her and call her everyday to remind her to eat her meals on time.

Her husband also asked her to video-call him everyday after she wrapped up her work, just to make sure she is safe and sound.

She said: "The way he dotes on me makes me feel I can spend my entire life with him."

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