Vivian Hsu reveals she's gone 128 days without taking a bath

PHOTO: Vivian Hsu's Instagram

SINGAPORE - 40-year-old Vivian Hsu, who falls under the high-risk pregnancy category, has spent a few months confined to her hospital bed in Singapore under doctor's orders.

The actress has used social media to share her pregnancy struggles, revealing that she needed assistance to do even simple things like cleaning up after herself.

On Monday (Aug 3), she joyfully posted on Instagram: "Finally, I've reached the 31-week mark! Opening my journal, I realise I've been in bed for 132 days, wow, it's been 128 days since I last got out of bed for a shower. I'm thankful for my doctor and medical team for their support, they are beautiful inside and out."

On Wednesday (Aug 5) however, Hsu got a scare when she discovered blood on her clothes.

She posted on Instagram that the accidental blood-letting occurred because she failed to put pressure on the wound after an injection. She only discovered the mess after one hour, with the blood soaking through 2 layers of clothing and a blanket.