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Stylish low-cut boots that will take you from the workplace to the party afterwards with utmost ease.

Ecco prides itself on quality workmanship and premium materials and this shoe provides as much comfort as much it does style.

The interior cushioning support prevents your feet from suffering that intolerable discomfort which many women are known to painfully, but silently, endure.

The Ecco boffins have also been applying science know-how to these shoes.

Shock-absorbent material allows the outsole to bond directly to the upper without glue or stitching, creating a watertight seal.

Thanks, science.

The Ecco Seoul comes in two colours - Black and the exotic sounding Moon Rock.

Available at Ecco concept stores islandwide.


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For the suave gent who wants his trainers to have a touch of style.

The 1500 GMN and GMB from American footwear manufacturers may not be blessed with stylish names but they are handcrafted with premium leather.

Getting the pack means you also get to choose a pair of limited edition socks from esteemed brand, Pantherella.

Available now at New Balance Experience Stores, Leftfoot, Limited Edt and Sole Central.


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A sophisticated and comfortable pair of pumps with a unique touch of eye-catching flair.

These pumps - part of the Elegant High Heels Collection- would be stylish anyway, but the metal plate on the front is a sure-fire conversation starter.

They also come in the best colour to match with any outfit - black.

Available at Staccato stores at VivoCity and Raffles City Shopping Centre.

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