Want a glam wedding but no groom? Try solo weddings in Japan

If you've ever wanted to have your own wedding photoshoot experience, you now can - in picturesque Kyoto, Japan. No groom? No worries, they can even provide a Japanese man to stand in!

A Japanese travel agency, Cerca Travel, came up with a very unique travel package. You can now not only enjoy the beauty of Kyoto, you can also fulfil your wishes to have a wedding photoshoot.

According to The Japan Times, the travel package consists of going to a bridal dress shop so that you can find a wedding gown or bridal kimono of your dreams and be fitted, as well as choosing the wedding bouquet.

They even provide a stylist to do your make-up, hairstyling, kimono or grown dressing, and a professional photographer!

If you wish to have a groom as well, they provide an add-on option, so you can have a Japanese man stand in as your groom.

What do you think of this unique travel package?

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