What rivalry? We're just different

Local TV audiences like to pit Rui En against Jeanette Aw.

Both are top actresses on Channel 8, both are immensely popular and have rabid fan bases, both are signed to artist management company Hype Records, and let's face it, the contrast between the two is stark.

At the Star Awards Show 1 in April, Aw, 35, was all smiles after bagging six awards. Rui En, 34, on the other hand, made headlines with a glum look.

In The Dream Makers 2, the pair reprise their roles as love rivals - their characters were both romantically linked to Qi Yuwu in The Dream Makers and in The Dream Makers 2, Rui En and Qi are a couple.

So we simply had to ask them about their never-ending perceived rivalry.

Their replies? There is nothing to be rivalrous about.

"Off-screen, (the dynamic between us) is definitely not dramatic at all," said Aw.

"We're just very professional actors who play our parts in our dramas to the best we can.

"Like right now, for The Dream Makers 2, I've been doing (a lot of) research to prepare for my character (and how she deals with) sinking into heavy depression. The process is overwhelming and it has been affecting my emotions. But I really want to portray my character as true to life as possible."


Rui En said with a sigh: "We're from the same company, that's probably how this all started. Don't need to think so much, it's not as exciting as what you see in a drama.

"I know (the perceived rivalry) would make a good narrative for the media, but the fact of the matter is, we're both very different and I believe we are just doing our work."

On the topic of her role, she said: "Our characters start off in The Dream Makers 2 as best friends... despite the fact that her character betrayed me in the first season. That is the most endearing part of my character, she's so forgiving."

This article was first published on June 22 2015.
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